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Depression and Mood Disorders

You will learn to identify triggers and strategies to boost your mood. Or maybe your depression is tied to old patterns, family dynamics, traumas. Therapy is a place to get a better understanding of depression. Behavior activation is a major component of treating depression and we may push you to step out of your current comfort zone to get up and be active, call a friend, or do things that bring joy. 

Firefly's Bright Idea: Go put on your favorite song, one you cannot resist and have yourself a 5 minute dance party. And smile while you're doing it!

Anxiety Disorders

Trouble sleeping, poor appetite or overeating, ruminating and intrusive thoughts? Rambling on about the same topic of obsessing about past mistakes, or fears about the future? These are all signs of anxiety. You will learn to identify triggers, cognitive distortions and coping skill to sit with and/or challenge these distortions. 

Firefly's Bright Idea: allow yourself a 5 minute brain dump. Writing down your thoughtts allows you to create a tangible place for everything that is causing stress.

Behavior Management

Does your child have a hard time paying attention, completing tasks, gets in trouble at school, have anger outbursts? As parents, it's important to be involved in therapy. You and your child will learn to navigate these behaviors. We treat children 12 and up. 

Firefly's Bright Idea: Check out this list of activities to do as a family.

Anger Management

You will learn to identify triggers and how old patterns contribute to your present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Anger is not a bad emotion- it's what we do with that anger that gets us in trouble sometimes. Maybe there's underlying emotions like anxiety, depression, trauma, grief but it shows up in your life as anger. You can learn strategies to take a pause before reacting in the heat of the moment. 

Firefly's Bright Idea: Drink a glass of water. Slowing down to drink a glass of water can be calming and supports stress recovery.


Traumas, including generational patterns can have long lasting effects on our mental health, effects that you may not even be aware of. We will encourage you to slow down and identify cognitive distortions related to old patterns and trauma, explore how these patterns are impacting your present day relationships/functiong (work, friends, romance), and coping skills to feel better.

Firefly's Bright Idea: Spend time in nature. Take a walk outside or head to a local park or garden. Explore with a sense of curiosity. Take note of your senses. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Smell? Being in nature can lower cortisol, blood pressure, and pulse rate.

Grief & Loss

We live in a society that tells us to move on very quickly after a loss. One to three bereavement days for a loved one is not enough. Therapy is a place to slow down, hopefully find meaning in the loss, come up with ways to feel some relief, and identify rituals to celebrate the life and memory of your loved one. 

Firefly's Bright Idea: Ask for help, especially around anniversary dates. Again, we don't live in a grief-literate society. Just because your friends/loved one doesn't reach out on anniversaries does not mean they can't or won't be supportive. Go send them a quick message and ask for a listening ear.

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