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G Sara Ross, LCSW-C in Maryland and LCSW in Virginia

Hello! I am a licensed clinical social worker and a Certified Advanced Enneagram Spectrum Teacher (type 5). As an empath myself, I find myself drawn to other highly sensitive people and empaths. If you too are an HSP/empath, or in a helping field like nursing, teaching, a doctor, or therapist, we may be a good fit to work together. Maybe you are struggling with intrusive or ruminating thoughts, feeling scattered, isolated, or having a hard time prioritizing YOU, or have forgotten about what really makes you happy. Empaths and HSP need their down time to recharge and I find most empaths to be quite creative but when life takes over those things take a back seat. We will work on setting boundaries, saying no, asking for help, turning down the volume to that pesky inner critic (and dare I say, maybe even come to appreciate that voice), getting reconnected with things that previously brought joy. We will find ways to be compassionate and kind to yourself - all the things that empaths find challenging to do.

Being a mixed race person who has at times struggled to know where I fit it, I enjoy working with others who are mixed race and/or have struggled with their racial identity. This also translates to working with anyone who identifies or feels like they have been disconnected from a sense of community, wondering where they fit in, not feeling like they are enough. 

I have a diverse background and because of that, enjoy working with a few different groups of people. I started my work with children and adolescents in residential, inpatient hospital, and school based settings before transitioning to working more with adults. I still enjoy working with middle schools as well as adults who are suffering from anxiety or depression, showing some HSP/empath traits. I work with clients twelve years old through adulthood. My clinical background is in CBT, Mindfulness, Tapping (EFT and TFT), Self Compassion, and the Enneagram. Tapping can be a powerful strategy for anyone and if you are in a helping profession, it can be particularly helpful for protecting your energy.


Asking for help can be hard and takes courage and vulnerability. I believe the therapeutic relationship should come from a place of curiosity, empathy, and a little humor thrown in. I hope to provide a space where you can give voice to the inner dialogue while also building on the resources and skills you already have to be able to sit with and/or challenge that voice.


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